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The Walrus on the Moon

Grandma-Burkes-WalrusNovember 20, 2009

o Billy L. Fikes Jr I think everyone tagged has seen, and possibly held, this item.

o William A. Burke Your Grandmother had lots of little glass figurines, was this one of em ???

o Billy L. Fikes Jr Extra points for where he lived

o William A. Burke On the Moon

o Billy L. Fikes Jr you got it

o Don Burke What moon?

o William A. Burke The wooden cresent moon , that hung on the wall……

o Laurie Edgar I remember the crescent moon but I don’t remember what sat on it.

o Laurie Edgar Hmmm… Can anyone guess where the crescent moon came from?

o Laurie Edgar Do you guys want a hint?

o William A. Burke It was like your Grandmothers stepfather who made it, it might have been her brother inlaw, she came home with it after attending a funeral down south.

o Billy L. Fikes Jr Do you know where it is today? (I saw it in a recent picture)

Ben Kraft, Deer Park, Wa.

Ben Kraft, Deer Park, Wa.

o Laurie Edgar Right again Uncle Bill! It was Jessie’s first husband, ??? Weaver that made the crescent moon. I cheated… mom is helping me. 😉

o Billy L. Fikes Jr

o Laurie Edgar It’s at Sue’s house?

o Billy L. Fikes Jr yes, Deer Park

o Laurie Edgar Way cool!

o Sandra Fikes I used to stand for the longest time when visiting Grandma and uncle Bill and just stare at the moon and all the little critters that lived on it.
o Helen Hegener I think Mom gave her several of those fragile glass-blown animals. When I was little Grandma would sometimes let me take the little critters down and play with them at the kitchen table. The last time I remember doing that she was hooking a beautiful peacock rug. Even then I knew that was a special thing, from a special Grandma who loved me.

o Helen Hegener But what is that thing in the picture? I don’t remember it.

o Billy L. Fikes Jr It’s a Walrus, coo coo ca choo

o Phyllis Gregson You’re right Helen, your Mom did give her lots of the little miniature Blown Glass Animals, When her and I would go shopping and we would see the little Glass Animals, She would always say wait, I’ve got get Mom a couple of these But I a…m like you, I don’t remember the one in Question ??

o Susan Patch Several of the originals are on the shelf. A dachshund, a family of little squirrels. I used to wait until the adults would take off for the night and Billy who was supposed to be babysitting (hah!) would disappear to wherever he went and then climb up on the TV and take the little animals down to play with. I was always very careful to put them exactly back in their little dust prints so no one would know. Dad told me years later that they knew.

o Don Burke I remember him. Does anyone remember the little clay mutant figures over the back door?

o Laurie Edgar Mom and I were just talking about the little “things” on the door trim. When I was little I thought it looked like a mouse up there!

o Billy L. Fikes Jr Yep

o Helen Hegener No, but I remember the Rats that lived in the shed!

o Phyllis Gregson Yea Don, I sure do remember the little guys over the Door, They always just belonged there, Kind of the watchmen of the House, They were there for a long long time,

o Phyllis Gregson and Helen you’re right about the White Rat’s in the shed, Don had 1 or 2, in a little Cage in his bedroom, when they were just little tiny guys, But they grew up and started to multiply, and oh well, Out Mom said, / so Don put them out in… a bigger Cage in the Laundry Room, from there I don’t remember what he did, Gave them to a friend ???

o Don Burke I had forgotten about my rats. I think they just escaped and answered “The Call of the Wild. Regarding the little clay people, after so many years they looked like medieval gargoyles warding of evil spirits. I wanted to take them down but Mom had protected them like idols in a shrine.

o William A. Burke When I got home from Europe..guess who was given the get rid of the RATS job…Some I relocated to the Guerneville Dump, others met a bloody end…And I still have the little plastic soldier that lived with the Clay Mutants over the back door…..

o Don Burke Hmm! I was told they were happy and free. Well I guess a rat would think that were true. Is that ratial profiling

o Billy L. Fikes Jr I need to figure out archiving some of this discourse on the genealogy site. Ratial profiling indeed. LOL

o Terry Gregson Ray and I have the glass dachshund mentioned somewhere above.

o Christi Kuhner I have a confession. My brother David and I couldn’t resist those little glass animals and took them outside to play with when no one was looking. Grandma realized they had been moved and we were busted. I am glad to hear they are still around and promise not to play with them if I ever am where they are. : )

o Helen Hegener Archiving these family conversations is an excellent idea, Billy – it’s taken us all these years to find each other and figure out how to communicate again, it would be a shame to lose it all to the etherealness of Facebook….

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