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A thursday in april

My contribution to Throwback Thursday. Four generations: My grandma, my mom, my daughter and me, sometime in the early 1980s.

ยท Thursday, April 17 at 3:09pm

  • Shay SeaborneBeautiful!
  • Bill Fikes JrThrowback Thursday eh? OK, this is as far back as I can throw…

    Bill Fikes Jr's photo.
  • Helen HegenerAlways liked that one, always wondered where it was taken…
  • Jacqui McMahonoutside is my guess
  • Bill Fikes JrThat would account for the overly shag carpet!
  • Don BurkeMom and us kids.

    Don Burke's photo.
  • Helen HegenerRemind me again which one of those kids was Mom, Uncle Don – I think she’s the girl closest to Grandma, but I can never remember…
  • Laurie EdgarI think she is standing behind uncle Bill.
  • Helen HegenerYeah, I think you’re right, Laurie. Your mom always had much finer features… Both of them were so pretty!
  • Laurie EdgarHmmm …. I would say Bill, Don, Phyllis, Virginia but the ages are wrong.
  • Bill Fikes JrI always thought George, Bill, Phyllis and Virginia.
  • Laurie EdgarYes, maybe, and preg. with uncle Don?
  • Helen HegenerRight, that’s who I thought they were, and I’m pretty sure it was your mom who told me that, Laurie. She said something about the car in the photo too, but I don’t remember that. It had some significance though, maybe their first car?
  • Helen HegenerIsn’t it interesting how these old photos can become so fascinating to us decades later? I find myself studying them sometimes and wondering about the people in them. I wonder what they were doing before someone gathered them together and snapped their picture, and what they scattered to do afterwards.

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