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My UFO Story

by Don Burke on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 5:38pm

When I was a boy growing up, I was probably 12 or so, myself and a friend were walking into town, probably to see a movie. It was almost dark out and we were taking a shortcut across the school ground field. We had been running and stopped to fall down in the grass to rest, looking up into the night sky we saw something I have never been able to explain. Directly above us, high in the sky, was a large stationery circular object with lights around the perimeter. That didn’t seem to strange, but all around it were small lighted objects coming and going at a very high speed.

We didn’t think it was alien at the time. I think we thought they were military aircraft of some kind. We watched for a few minutes then got up and continued into town to catch the start of the movie.

It wasn’t until several years later that I recalled the event and realized that we had seen a UFO, like a mother ship with small scout crafts around it.

I still don’t know if I really believe in alien spacecrafts from other worlds, but I know what I saw and I have never seen anything like it since that night so long ago.


    • Don Burke Has anyone else seen anything like this?

      4 hours ago ·
    • Maureen Morgan

      Not like that, but yes I’ve seen UFO’s, and the first one was 1948. I as in the 4th grade in Harrison, Arkansas. We were having supper when we heard other people outside. They were looking at the sky.
      A big orb was hanging up there and it sl…owly moved to the left in the sky then suddenly zipped off to the right up into the higher heavens and disappeared. Another one I saw was as we were coming out of Phantom Canyon in Canyon City There were some mesas strung along the highway to Colorao Springs. We were touring with a couple from Wisconsin. I noticed something hovering above one of the plateaus. They all looked them we pulled off the road and just watched it sitting there for several minutes. It just hovered and
      looked just like the one I saw in Harrison in 1948, but this was
      1963. After a few minutes we just left and discussed it all the way home. I’ve certainly have never forgotten. Whatever these things are, I bellieve in them.See More
      4 hours ago ·
    • Don Burke What if they weren’t aliens, but time travelers from Earth’s future? Maybe it’s a vacation option for them, “just don’t interfere with the populous.”
    • Maureen Morgan

      Who cares, they haven’t done anything we know of. Left us alone.
      They could be aliens, angels, or demons. Whatever they are they’ve
      been here since people have – according to ancient drawings. The pyraminds were probably partly built by th…e giants of that time or even the help of angels and demons. Who knows. And Easter Island too they are that old. Before God looked away many things could have occured here on Earth – in the day He actually talked to people.See More
    • William A. Burke I saw one when we were kids up at the ranch by the mine.. It was shaped like a huge flying wing with smaller craft entering and leaving it from the backside…it was shortly after sunset but it was so high it was in bright daylight and appeared to be silver colored and HUGE..

    • Billy L. Fikes Jr

      I think perhaps it was we that looked away Maureen. That said, the first one I saw was in Southern Ariz. in 1965, shortly before we left for Alaska. It was a green fireball that was hovering out over the desert. Scared the bejezuz outa the …big brave ranch dogs that couldn’t even see it, made the phones go dead, it sent a beam down to the ground, then zipped away in an instant.If they are Aliens we need to assume that there are more than one species, which holds with common UFO lore. The differing ships could be due to vastly different time periods coming back to observe or perhaps alter the past. (how would we know?)

      There have been groups of Orbs sighted, and groups of triangles sighted, but no mixed groups that i know of, so perhaps they are the Angels and Demons of lore, in some sort of cold war with the earth as a neutral zone.

      I hold with the combination of dimensional travelers (I think we will find that shifting radical dimensions is easier then bisecting timelines) and Aliens, and, oh yea, I talked with a couple of them one day…but that’s another story.

    • Helen Hegener I clearly remember the green fireball in Arizona. We lived in a huge old rock house that had been a stagecoach stop back in the 1800’s, but that house was shaking and vibrating all the time the fireball was in view. And the dogs were definitely scared, and so were we…

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